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The shop in shop concept is where a brand owner or retailer takes space in another retailer's store and fits it out to provide selling space dedicated to that secondary company's product. Shop in shops is becoming popular among  retailers who are just launching their brand and want to create a presence from leveraging a larger brand. For business owners shop in shops is a great way to jump start a brand which have a small amount of inventory, handmade goods, and new products in the line which need to be tested in a low risk situation. Core Me offers variety of different services under shop in shop facilities:

 Foot Traffic

If you are opening up a shop in shop in a store which is already popular, you will have existing foot traffic from people who are loyal to the larger brand. This is a great opportunity for your brand to be discovered, because you will have access to the larger brand's customers. People can sometimes shy away from unfamiliar name brands, so pulling customers in with a brand they are familiar with already is a great way to leverage already developed trust.

Budget Friendly

A shop-in-shop is much friendlier on your wallet than renting out an entire space to yourself. If you've just launched your brand and you want a physical presence, a shop-in-shop will be the most feasible option to gain exposure and start creating a friendly customer base.

 Testing Out the Market

Sometimes you're not sure if your product will work in a particular market. Opening a shop in shop is a low risk opportunity to test out the market and see if your product sells in the market. If you're in the shop itself, you can see how the customers interact with other products in the store, and check out the products you have to offer.

Our Shop in Shop department has a team comprised of individuals which can act as direct liaisons with a number of multinational and domestic brands both large and small depending on the type of business you want to partner up.

Our department has good relation with a variety of brands covering a vast line of services and products. Our department can help set up meetings and help establish agreement points with the type of brand you want to have a Shop in Shop with.

In the event of that you are just starting your business and are unsure which brand to pair up with our department can help by providing you assistance in selecting a suitable brand for you to pair up with and also help in negation to establish a suitable deal which would be desirable and acceptable by all stake holders.