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Solid Surface

Solid Surface

Choosing a solid surface is exciting, but can also be difficult with all of the different choices available. Solid surfaces are fabricated with specialized tools giving them a unique shape with a hard, shiny/ matte look made according to the customers individual requirements. Solid surface has come a long way, however, available in a vast array of colors and patterns, made by numerous manufacturers. However, which one should you choose? Then there are all the different brands to consider and whether there's any real difference among them. So if you've been considering solid surface, CORE ME, a brand which deals in best quality of solid surfaces. Core Me is one of the finest service providers of solid surfaces, either a portable or custom built design. Core Me covers a wide collection of services of work with guarantee client satisfaction.


Solid surfaces are a combination of different stones, polyester and pigments which makes it very good for matching colors not only at the time of installation, but also in the future when new needs arise. Therefore,Core Me workers are aware of the competition and challenges they face while working with solid surfaces and tend to work more efficiently. Solid surface is the same throughout its ordered thickness, which means that if it gets nicked or scratched, flaws can be buffed out, and in case of deep scratches specialist Core Me worker can professionally restore the surface. Core Me offers a vast array of surface services that includes routed, shaped and thermo-formed, so it allows for more complex design options. Core Me is committed to providing customer satisfaction, quality and after sales service. Our staff is composed of experienced and devoted people as well as practical experts with the technical know-how in providing customer support and problem solving skills.

Core Me is all about creating new products based on our customers need and develop new uses for our existing products. By constantly finding new ways to create sustainable solutions and extend our commitment to address customer needs, we have a one-of-a-kind approach to providing deluxe and sophistication. Core Me staff is fully equipped with high qualified professional training. Our specialized and professional staff is skilled to design to fabricate and finally install keeping in mind about the demand and the need of a client. Nowadays people are so much attractive towards the design, layout, and outer glow either a client want it on a kitchen counter or customizing their offices. First impression any individual gets is the beauty it gives, here Core Me plays its role my providing the platform.

Too much demand of a thing means too many dealers in the market, however selecting Core Me won't disappoint their clients and people linking to the company. Core Me is a well establish company which makes it easy and reliable to deal with.

Core Me is a step forward to an attractive and appealing world of stone construction, where customers are the one with the ideas and Core Me workers are the ingredients for a complete dish.