5 Tips to Successfully Sell on Your Trade Show Stand or Exhibition Booth

Exhibitions are important for businesses but require time and money. This is why, when exhibiting your business service or products, you need to take care of each and every business aspect, from setting it up to the way you are going to sell it to your customers. Here is how you can set up a trade show and successfully gain customers and sell on your exhibition stand booth in order to make exhibiting a worthwhile investment.

1. Promote & Create Some Hype About the Event

Instead of promoting and creating hype in the last two months running down to the event, you have to start promoting and getting the word out there as much as possible. Take a leaf out of the marketing book of all the big firms and companies. They all start promoting their exhibition right after ending the current trade show.

Start sending email marketing newsletter to your customers to have them book their place in advance. Post the updates on social media channels, spread through emails, your website to keep the customers engaged and informed. You can share anything from the videos, preparation, interviews within the relevant industry experts, early bird discounts etc. to keep the customers in the loop.

2. Promotion Through Press Release and Event Organizers

Another great way of promoting your trade show presence is through event organizers. They may require extra payment but it’s worth it. You can also spread the word through press releases and trade press, since they are already interested in covering information on any big event happening in Dubai and would love to include details about your trade show booth.

3. Book slots with Serious Clients or Connect with Hosted Buyers

In order to encourage more customers into visiting your display stand, you can book slots through appointments. This would help you to separate potential clients to give them more time. You can also partner up with hosted buyer programmes if tha iss available. What they do is provide qualified leads to  your exhibition display stand during the event.

 4. Interact and Engage with Customers Continuously

Many people make the mistake of not engaging and interacting with visitors enough during the trade show. This is by far the worst mistake that’s made. Many people are looking for answers but would simply walk past your display stand by finding the staff chatting among themselves or spending time on their phones etc. Make sure to have a vigilant team who is open to greeting guests that are surrounding your stand. You will get more visitor attention this way. You can start by asking how they are and inviting them for a 2 minute demo of your products/services. Keep it natural so the visitors don’t feel intimidated or pressured into visiting your exhibition display stands.

5. Let Visitors Try What You Have Hands On

The best way for turning visitors into potential customers is by letting them try what you have hands on at your booth instead of just offering your sales pitch. Give them a chance to test out a product, some quiz or game. Get visitors attention to your brand by engaging them into something practical so that they may remember it for a long time. This gives your stand the best chance of standing out from the rest of the stands at the trade show.


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