5 Ways to Properly Set Up your Trade Show Display Stands in Dubai

Preparing for a trade show event is difficult. It requires a lot of planning and time. Most of the time, the furniture you have hired arrives as it is without any design or message. For this reason, you need to ensure that you purchase professional looking display stands in Dubai for showcasing your business services and products at a trade show. You can also add some extra elements to take the display stand design up a notch.

  1. Avoid the Cluttered Look You  may have heard this saying less is more and it’s absolutely true if your display stand space is small. Make sure you avoid the cluttered look for your trade show display stand.

2. Free Up Space with Roll Up Banners Roller Banners are a  great way for presenting additional information about your business brand and products. Opting for roller banners will help you save money from getting print marketing material such as printed leaflets and brochures. They also consume a lot of space and are also not sustainable. Banners help to hide away items which are not to be present on the show.

3. Buy Attractive Giveaways When purchasing giveaway items on a show, make sure to buy something which is attractive to catch audience attention. Go for bright colors in comparison to something that looks grey or dull.

4. Free Up Space for Client Information Collection Free up space for collection of information. You can add some decorative features such as plants or other small elements but the main focus must stay on collecting visitor information. You can keep a bowl, a clipboard or simply a laptop to save information of every visitor visiting your display stand.

5. Hide Personal Items for a Tidy Look: Avoid making a cluttered appearance of personal items such as phone, wallet or keys etc. Keeping cluttered things will make the display stand to look unprofessional and untidy.


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