How to attract your visitors to your Exhibition stand?

How to attract your visitors to your Exhibition stand

The main objective of a well-designed exhibition stand is to attract the visitors to your exhibition stand. The more they will attract to your exhibition stand and show some interest more they know about your business. How you can attract maximum number of people to your exhibition or display stand? The best approach is competition. Competitions attract the people to your stand and you can easily generate profitable lead. First thing is to plan everything. It is very important to engage the visitors effectively and give them a good experience when they are on your exhibition stand. You should plan the competition in such a way that it should work for you and your visitors efficiently.

Gathering visitors’ details

Plan the competition in such a way that how you can easily collect all the information of your visitors. There are some options like collecting Business cards, get people to sign a form or sign up to your tablet. You can select the best possible option that suits you in an effective way.

Make it Interactive

Its very important to make your competition attractive and fun filled then people will stay on your stand for longer time and talk to you. It will give you the opportunity give them information about your business. If people will enjoy then they will tell other ones and send them to your way. Don’t make your competition time consuming and very hard to get the results and engage maximum number of people.

Make it Competitive

Just try to design in such a way where the fastest time or the maximum score wins and you could get people having a go because they’re competitive and they want to beat their colleagues. You’ll get more buzz from that and more word of mouth during the event.

Try to be creative

New and exclusive thing always work so try to be creative to get more buzz and attract maximum people. You can share the details about the competition before the event on social media to create more interest in the people and encourage them to participate. Pick a fascinating prize that people actually want to win. Try to increase your efforts just to multiply your publicity.

Promote your Winner

Announce your winner every where like in the exhibition, on your web site and social media. The winner will definitely enjoy the publicity and you’ll get new follower. 

Proper planning

If your exhibition is over several days then plan it properly that either arrange so many small competitions or a big one. But if you could only hold your competition on the first day, you might find that your traffic falls away for the days after that so plan it properly.

Make a plan for Follow up

Arranging such big events and then no follow up will never gives outputs so make a plan for follow up to check all your business following.


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