How to Effectively Plan for a Trade Show

Every company wants to stand out at the next exhibition with respect to their services and work. Trade shows are important for companies but at the same time require proper planning and execution. It is not easy to plan a trade show, however with a professional exhibition stand company in Dubai you need not to worry about anything as they will sort out everything important for you.

Tips for Planning a Trade Show

Here are some tips for you to follow so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when faced with such a situation:

  • Find out the right season and time in order to have an effective trade show.
  • It is always best to start preparation 4 months prior to the event. Make sure you have a clear understanding about the goals you want to acquire at the trade show. A professional looking display stand will do the rest.
  • Get in touch with a trusted exhibition builder and discuss all the event details. A company such as ours have the right expertise to make all the difference and will help you focus on your business instead of worrying about the display design details.
  • Contact the press officers to exhibit your services and products perfectly.
  • Advertising spaces are always in demand, still you need to make sure you book it in advance. This will help you not only get a better space but would also help create the required good visuals.
  • Book flights and staying for your team to have more options to choose.
  • Book your flight in case you have to travel in advance. Make sure to keep in touch with the trade show organizers regarding the deadlines.
  • Most of the trade show organizers offer a nice early bird discount, so take advantage of early booking, instead of paying a higher rate by booking at the eleventh hour.
  • Be clear about the map of your floor plan, hanging and lighting sign.
  • You also need to properly plan your logistics. When moving from one tradeshow to the next in another city, you will need a service that provides better fares. Make sure to plan the operations in advance to avoid shipment delays.
  • Just before the 2 months, start by filling the team mates badges. Make sure everyone has their own ID card.
  • You also need to confirm and finalize the graphics that are to be sent to the exhibition stand builder, so just have to focus on the event organization.
  • Carefully check all equipment such as remote controls, tablet and TV set. Make sure you have all the content and power supplies ready for display.
  • Your stand builder company is ready to send your design at the required venue one month prior to the event. In case you require collateral for marketing activities, ask them to share images of the mounting operations. Start packing your luggage and be ready for the show.

DS Dubai is the company you need to get in touch with when it comes to planning a trade show and having an exhibition stand custom designed.


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