How you should brief your Exhibition Stand Designer about Your Requirements

First of all, you should set some goals and objectives and then give the information of the product as much as possible that you want to display on stand. It will definitely give a clear road map to the designer for all the productive work.
Some companies don’t give importance to the exhibition and display stand designs in the exhibition but an eye catching and effective design plays a very important role in the marketing strategy of your company and ultimate promotion of your company’s product and services.
In your design brief you should add all your main objectives that you want to achieve in the exhibition like;
•    Promotion of a new or existing product or service
•    Want to maximize inquiries and generate sales
•    Want an impulsion of the brand out there and increase traffic
•    Require a stand design that should offer hospitality and entertain visitors
•    Want an experience, activity or theme combined
•    Want to add latest interactive technology

Beside the goals and objectives, the following detailed information should also be given to the designer for better outcomes like;
•    All the information about show or event
•    Stand Space
•    Floor plans linked with show website
•    Can Provide examples of any required design and idea
•    Information about Company’s current marketing materials and future planning as well as requirements
•    Try to give the detailed brief in to your stand designer as soon as possible. Also mention the deadlines that when and where you want all these stands to complete all the work in time efficiently.

Budget Limitations
You should also mention the Budget parameters to your designer because it will help him to give you the best possible solutions of different effective designs according to your requirements and to give best results for maximum productivity.
All the above-mentioned factors play a very important role to give a design brief for maximum outputs. A design brief is a practical method to start the stand design development process.


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