Increase Exhibition Display Stands Impact Through Powerful Imagery in Dubai

Graphics are one of the most important part of your trade show kiosk. It needs to reflect your brand in order to draw in visitors and to set it apart from the competitors. Though trained marketing and sales staff and pre-show marketing to attract potential leads are some other areas that are critical to your display stands success at the event, the appearance of your exhibition display stands is what would make or break the number of sales.

3 Seconds to Impress

You have got 3 seconds for gaining customer’s attention and you have to have something catchy in order to impress your customers. For this reason, display stand graphics need to be large in size and must clearly convey the brand’s message to engage audience.

5 Elements For Attractive Exhibition Stands in Dubai, UAE

As per event expert an author Steve Miller, there are 5 elements for making exhibition stands Dubai impactful and attractive on the day. These elements are shared below:

Pay Attention to Colors:  The color tone you select for your display stand has the capacity to either stand out or get lost in the crowd. Colors are also a powerful way of conveying hidden marketing messages and meaning behind a brand. Colors such as green, blue and white look modern, professional and attention gaining. Warm colors such as yellow, orange and red are bright and gain more customer attention but they need to be used carefully as they are too strong for exhibiting connotations.

Lighting Effects: Lighting when done creatively helps to draw focus on your booth. You can use spot lights for highlighting your special products. Lighting also helps to create an inviting environment for the attendees.

Using Motion Technology: Motion technique is another way for drawing visitors to a certain area or a particular exhibition stand graphic. For example, you can use projectors, give product demos, colorful streamers and other motion items for a highly engaging effect.

How About Some Sound: Featuring live entertainers along with nice background music or sounds will appeal to audience. However, set the tone to a specific level so it doesn’t become noisy and disturbing for the exhibitors in your surroundings.

Everyone Loves Scented Smells: Scents have a way of attracting audience in  a mysterious way. Just like you smell certain scents on entering a shopping mall in UAE, you can do the same for your exhibition stands UAE. You can even use food items such as popcorns or cinnamon bins to emanate nice smells from your stand in order to catch audience attention.

By working around these 5 elements of exhibition display stand design, you are surely going to hit the success mark at the exhibition in Dubai, UAE.


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