Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Promotion During an Exhibition

Every business knows the importance of trade shows. However it is not easy to stand out when the competition is fierce. Here are some promotional ideas to help you stand out bring the exhibition or a trade show. Following these ideas will definitely help you to attract more visitors to your Display Stands in Dubai .

Offer Giveaways: People love freebie so what better way to get their attention by offering them one. Promotion of giveaway on your stand would increase the visitors to your trade show. You do not need to offer anything fancy. Simple items such as sweets inside a goody bag will suffice really well for your visitors.

Offering an Event-Only Promotion: Offer something exclusive and unique to naturally stand out from the rest of the competition. You can offer special discount coupons, a promotion such as buy 1 get 1 free or a free consultancy with your professional team.

Launch a New Product or a Service: In case you want to divert visitor attention to a new service or a product feature, use the trade show to stand out during the event.  Press Journalists are hunting to cover new products and this will give you the extra coverage you need.

Get Talking: Connect with your audience by holding a small talking session. This will help to not just advertise your firm but would also offer value and information to your attendees.

Bring Your Brand to Life: A trade show is a great opportunity for you to promote your brand and bringing it to life. Focus on creating some of the most amazing custom graphics and roll up banners for your display stands to stand out from the rest.

Arrange a Guest: You can also arrange for a famous celebrity related to your industry to gain visitors’ extra attention. You can arrange a special spot where the visitors would meet with the expert celebrity if he/she is not available for an entire time during the show.

Go for Some Adventure: Start some competition such as a gaming session or some tournament to increase the exhibition stand display presence. It would be more better if you also get to announce the winners during the trade show as a mini presentation.


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