Most Trendy Options in Exhibition Stands Designs

When you are planning to arrange an exhibition then you should first work on how to maximize your brand impact and raise the awareness of the brand to attract the potential customer. In the first 7  seconds your potential customer makes an opinion and impression about your brand.  First you decide the place then the exhibition stands designs  paly a very important role to have a good impression of your customers.

You should choose the best brand presentation and a very creative exhibition stand for an industrial exhibition because it’s the best way to promote brands, build business relationships, announce  brand`s news and  approaches . There are many types of exhibition display stands available that you can choose according to your requirements and current trends.

Modular stand

  • Cost effective
  • Central option
  • Can produce a good ROI due to a normal cost, size, and various options.
  • Modular stands can be re-used to fit different exhibition spaces.
  • These stands have different options for shelving, video screens, product hooks and etc.
  • They can be of a different complication: simplest ones with inflexible shapes and limited, simple graphic to more advanced ones with plasma screens,  table top displays, notice boards, curved walls, and panoramic graphics.

Custom stands

  • Although it’s not cost effective but has strong impacts.
  • Available in any size, form, branding options.
  • It can be built with any requirements from the client.
  • It needs more space, as it acts as a landmark  on the exhibition and is seen by everyone.
  • Have  a space inside, with stage, chairs or exhibition products.
  • No Option of  re usage

The main features of such display stands are:

  • Visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Options to add any technological choices
  • Generation of Traffic

Pop-up stands

  • Very suitable and attractive option due to its movability and ability to modify.
  • They are extensively used for presentations, conferences  and exhibitions.
  • They are also low in weight, easy in fitting and transportation.
  • Cost Effective with good features like normally consist  from simple modular frames to which graphics are attached.
  • One limitation is that it can limit your creativity
  • Good option for small and average businesses.

There are some types of pop-up stands:

  • Tower pop-ups
  • Fabric kit
  • Pop-up banners

Curve Stands

  • Most Trendy Option
  • Curved stands also have a more innovative element and mean your branding can be seen from every angle in the exhibition venue.
  • These  elegant curved exhibition stands are difficult to create with wood and are well appropriate to businesses and organizations that want to portray themselves as cutting-edge and stylish.


Finding to get a modern, stylish and affordable exhibition stand for your next event as well as to give a great impact  to your potential customers, always hire a professional company for stylish and best display. Lightning technology helped to create wonderful construction and effects. The most popular lights  are: wash lights, spotlights, halogen lights. For the best display don’t under look the creativity and sustainability factors for best outputs.


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