Some Effective Ways to Save money on exhibition Stand Design

Arranging a successful exhibition for best outputs and brand awareness involves many different components like;

  • Creating a budget
  • Design the Exhibition Stand Designs
  • Hiring The service of professional team
  • Crating an exhibition Prospectus
  • Implore Exhibitors
  • Promotion
  • Management
  • Security
  • Registration

All these elements should be deal very professionally for the best results. Although for the best presentation and arrangements a lot of budget is requires but in few things we can easily and effectively save some money like in exhibition stand designs as well as display stand designs.

An exhibition stand design should reflect the brand, appeal an audience and make a striking experience for potential customers. Some times all these requirements don’t come under a cost-effective package so what we can do to save money without compromising on design and quality?

The design is one thing you can’t cut costs on entirely. There are components of a stand that you may not require, and these can be avoided. Here are few tips to save your money;

Avoid Too much Lighting

You can easily save money by avoiding the features you don’t need. Avoid too much extra fascinating lighting if not requires. In its place, lamps are a great way to light your space and make a perfect setting. If the main objective of your exhibition is to build relationships or create primes, using lamps can help you build a relaxed atmosphere for your visitors. These can be purchased to reuse in the future or hired at a lower cost. Otherwise one other economical solution is that you can use simple spotlights to give the effects.

Rent Rather Than Purchase

It a very cost-effective way that you should hire the exhibition stand rather than purchasing according to your requirements. You can rent the best design according to your requirements and objectives.

Down size the size of your Exhibition Stand

Its not all about the size. It doesn’t mean that big stands have big impact. You can save money by downsizing the size and add extra impact by adding some extra features like graphics, furniture hires and AV.

Cut the cost by using Less Technology

If you want to save the money then use less technology and it ultimately leads to using less electricity because your Expo organizers will charge exhibitors per watts. You can completely cut the cost by using battery powered lights or simply include what you truly need in a stand. If your budget doesn’t allow it and you want to save money then it’s best to leave the interactive technology and virtual reality.

Avoid Extra Features

Try to avoid some extra features like fancy lights, flooring, graphics and big TV as it can be costly as well as overwhelming for the visitors so try to be simple by using reusable graphic wall, a counter and simple furniture to create a welcoming space. This will allow you to use your space more efficiently, particularly if you opt for a smaller stand size to save on costs.

Early Planning

Early Planning also helps you to cut the cost as before booking for everything, you can avail some very economical offers.


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